Greetings! From Prison – awards and Nashville Film Festival

Greetings! From Prison is continuing its great festival run and is off to the Nashville Film Festival.

Check out the awards so far:

Great work everyone!

Also here’s the link to the whole first season:…

“Life & Death…” sneak preview this weekend!

Great news – the indie feature “The Life & Death of an Unhappily Married Man” will get a sneak preview as the opening night film at the Twister Alley film festival. I scored all the original music for this and …

Help fund a film – you’re backing a winner

Theres a LOT of crowd funding going on these days. I won’t get into the debate of whether that’s a liberating thing for the artist, or  a shameful state of affairs. I’m just going to ask you for money.


Busy times at GreenHouseSound – new music released!

It’s been a busy few months at GreenHouseSound with some great music to share as a result. Everything from minimalist ambient guitar to big band to piano & string arrangements. Take a listen and enjoy!



1.  TV/Web Series  

Howdy Neighbors – Tunes Online!

Remember I mentioned that I had a side project playing guitar in a Western Swing band? Well, we recorded some tunes and they really sound pretty good.

Look for us playing out around the city in 2014 and in the …

New SoundCloud track: It’s A Funny Thing (Comedy)

I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to write a classic comedy cue for a great comedy scene. All those years watchings Tom & Jerry, Bugs Bunny and The Simpsons finally paid off! So much fun to write this …