Help fund a film – you’re backing a winner

Theres a LOT of crowd funding going on these days. I won’t get into the debate of whether that’s a liberating thing for the artist, or  a shameful state of affairs. I’m just going to ask you for money.


Here’s why:

  1. Josh Hope, who wrote and directed ‘Wild Blue’ has just shot another film: The Life and Death of an Unhappily Married Man. He needs money to finish it and is raising funds on Indiegogo
  2. It looks really good. Take a look at the cast listed on the Indigogo site
  3. I’ll be scoring the music for it (Ahem – full disclosure…)
  4. Josh’s last film, ‘Wild Blue’ just won ‘Best Feature Film’ at the Landlocked Film Festival in Iowa. He’s on a roll.
  5. They’re using the ‘Flexible Funding’ option which means that, unlike some campaigns, even if they don’t hit their goal, they’ll still get some. But check out #6 below…
  6. There’s about $10,000 in additional funding that’s not showing up on the Indigogo site – So they’re REALLY REALLY close to hitting their target.

It seems ridiculous, but 100 people giving $20 each could help ensure this film is as good as it could possibly be.

Once again, here’s the link to Indiegogo

Please take a look and give it some serious thought. The end result will be something you can be proud of.