Tony Scott-Green is a composer of music for Film, TV and commercial projects.

I make music that breaks down the barriers between audiences and the visions of creative, passionate people. The right music helps an audience see better.

Alfred Hitchcock’s longtime composer Bernard Hermann once said:
“I cannot tell you why film music works; I can only tell you that a film does not work without it”
We no longer just watch TV from the couch or watch movies in a darkened theater on someone elses’s schedule; we watch from whereever we happen to be , distractions and all, at any time we want. Music is the single greatest way of locking in an audience’s attention and its role is now more important than ever.
Understanding the role that music plays in telling a story helps expand the breadth and depth of that story for an audience, whether it be a feature film, TV show, documentary or commercial. For me, the process of working closely with the storyteller to create music to heighten that story’s impact, is one I love.

Personal side projects include composing/improvising/performing solo eclectic electro-acoustic jazz guitar and playing with the Western swing band The Howdy Neighbors.

GreenHouseSound is committed to helping the arts community in Chicago and donates 20% of all earnings to arts and cultural non-profit organizations.




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So, in a few years, when he's killing it in Hollywood as a director and is reticent to hire his Dad as a composer, I can say "Remember when I moved you into your first apartment at film school?" #filmmusic #milwaukee #uwm ... See MoreSee Less

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