Tony Scott-Green sculpts original music for film, TV and media and has worked on feature films, TV shows, documentaries, web series and sonic branding for Fortune 500 companies. Originally from Scotland, he now composes and records at Greenhouse Sound Studios in Chicago and Los Angeles.

“My goal is to make music that breaks down the barriers between audiences and the visions of creative, passionate people. The right music helps an audience see better.”

For almost twenty years, he did something completely different from music: pursuing a career in tech and consulting, advising Fortune 500 clients in management and tech strategy. Managing multi-million dollar projects with dozens of people. he’d ask clients “What’s your differentiator?” “What makes you special?” “What do you do that no-one else can?” But it took 20 years to figure out that what made him different was the music he heard in his head that no-one else could hear and no-one else was making.

Considering himself a storyteller first, filmmaker second, and composer third, he is a firm believer that “The right music helps an audience see better,” and is known for often incorporating and manipulating vintage instruments and alternative textures into his scores, creating unfamiliar, yet undeniably emotive, threads woven into the music.

When not composing music, he can be found going too fast on motorcycles, not quite fast enough on bicycles, and collecting guitars and oddball musical instruments.

He is probably the worst surfer in Santa Monica.